Weather solutions for the energy industry, Weather Solutions

Weather Solutions provides energy traders, generators and grid operators with the most accurate weather data to optimize processes and operate efficiently.

Weather analyses for the energy industry

Reliable and highly accurate weather information are imperative for day-to-day operations across the energy sector. Precise knowledge of the short-, medium- and long-term course of weather conditions is a decisive competitive advantage and knowledge edge in energy trading and risk management.

Weather Solutions provides weather services for the entire life cycle of on- and offshore wind and solar projects and delivers reliable weather data effecting the energy production processes.

Our forecasts and data contribute towards:

  • reduced imbalance charges and penalties
  • increasing revenue on both wind/solar park and portfolio level
  • ensuring supply security and maintenance of grid stability at any time
  • competitive advantage in real time and ‘day ahead’ energy market trading
  • improved worker safety


Benefit from our proprietary energy prediction model when optimizing your power generation and energy networks.

  • Data basis: depending on the weather situation, an optimized mix of the world's best weather models (ECMWF and GFS)
  • In-house statistical forecasting model
  • Precise MOS forecasts for the locations of your weather stations and selected geo points
  • Forecasts in hourly resolution up to 15 days in advance
  • Rapid update cycles up to 1-hourly
  • Forecast data is updated up to 48 times a day which allows you to retrieve updated forecast data including most recent observations.
  • Delivery of observations of previous hours with gap-filling for missing values. This technique avoids an incomplete data set for your system.
  • via API, FTP or e-mail
  • Data formats CSV or JSON

It is important to us that you convince yourself of the quality of our weather data. Our interface is ready: Please feel free to test our weather data for the energy industry.

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Weather solutions for the energy industry, Weather Solutions

Weather Solutions for the energy industry

Forecasts and observations

We deliver all weather key parameters for the energy sector including but not limited to temperature, global radiation and air pressure.

We generate forecast data for standard weather stations as well as for virtual stations.

Historical weather data

Historical data is utilised in the preparation of algorithms to improve energy production or to periodically optimize it. This data is also used to prepare expert opinions on the suitability of wind and solar plants for the location.

Weather Solutions has a large database that contains all key meteorological parameters for energy sector available for many standard weather stations in Europe and selected stations globally.  Availability depends on the quality and stored observations in our database.

Hub-height wind forecasts

The progressive technical development of wind energy leads to a variation of the hub height from 60 to 200 m. Therefore wind farm operators need to know what kind of wind can be expected at different hub-heights.

Weather Solutions provides hub-height wind data (wind speed and direction) between 60 and 200 m height. All weather parameters effecting the wind power production are available for individual wind turbines or specific locations.

Solar forecasts

Solar power is the conversion of energy from sunlight into electricity, mostly using photovoltaics (PV).

Weather Solutions provides weather data which is necessary for solar power calculations. Key parameters for solar power are integrated global radiation, absolute and effective cloud cover, sunshine duration.

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